Weezer - Floating Pump Camo Package
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Weezer - Floating Pump Camo Package


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Fuel Tank

Weezer - Floating Pump Camo Package


Available 1/1/21! THE WEEZER floating pump CAMO edition. Pumps approximately 840 gallons per minute, up to 3,000 ft. on level. Includes 400 feet of collapsible hose.

Our favorite key features:

  • NO locking clasp to worry about!! Competitor's products use troublesome locking devices that are expensive to replace. Simply wrap the hose around the O-ring and you're ready to move some serious water.
  • MADE IN NORTH AMERICA - don't wait on an import pump.

Other cool features:

  • Pumps up to a 30 ft. lift.
  • Motor can be idled down to reduce flow.
  • Quick setup—set in the water, roll out hose, pull cord, and walk away.
  • 1-year warranty (from date of invoice) on defects in material or workmanship for residential, 90 day warranty for commercial use, and no warranty for rental purposes.
  • Refer to the Kohler owner's manual for engine warranty.
  • Quantity discounts available.


  • Self-priming pump with heavy-duty 7.75 HP, 4 cycle gas engine.
  • 1.4 liter (.37 gallon) fuel tank, runs approximately 4 ½ hours on one tank of fuel. Optional external fuel tank accessory available. Float a large boat gas tank in a sled next to it? 
  • Transmission is a 4 to 1 gear reduction, with a screw on 12.5" impeller.
  • Corrosion-resistant, fiberglass body.
  • Pump measures 20" x 30" and weighs only 80 lbs.
  • Water is pumped through a 6"-diameter, 400' discharge hose.
  • Check engine and transmission oil levels daily (hydraulic oil recommended, but may also use transmission oil). Engine takes 20 oz. of oil (10W-30), transmission takes 40 oz. (hydraulic).
  • Includes: Watermaster pump, 6"-diameter 400' hose, and o-ring.

* Pictured unit installed with external tank accessory. This allows the use of an external gas tank that can be floated on a sled or whatever else you may come up with..  easily allow extended run time without re-fueling. Or, easily switch back to the one-gallon onboard tank to get around 4-5 hours run time.

Self priming, no intake hose, and floats itself to the lowest point of water available.  Many customers tell us they use them as de-icers. Bust a hole, set it on the ice, and drink a cup of coffee. With 840 gallons of water a minute, your duck hole is ready to go!

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