Privacy Policy

We have no personal information unless you provide it by entering an order on our website, subscribing to our newsletter, or sending an entry to a sweepstakes we sponsor. We do not purchase personal information from third parties.

We store customer names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers so we can fill your order, find your order if you ask about it, contact you about your order if necessary, and so you can use Remember Me instead of typing your address again to place a new order. You also may use Accounts to store addresses and vehicle lists, and to delete them. All personal information is stored in the United States. We do not store credit card numbers.

Our catalog uses a "cookie" to identify contents of your shopping cart. You may place an order even if you block "cookies" in your browser (unless your bank or PayPal requires their own "cookie" to process your payment). If you close your browser before a purchase and "cookies" were blocked, cart contents will be lost.

We contact you by telephone only if necessary to process your order. We may use your email address to tell you about discounts, promotions, newsletters or other events. Each email offers the option to unsubscribe, or you may email to remove your email address from our list. We will delete personal information associated with that email address promptly unless it is part of an order. Orders cannot be deleted.

We do not share information with anyone except when necessary to process your order (such as telling a carrier where to deliver) or when otherwise required (such as a warranty claim, product recall, or tax audit). is tested regularly to ensure information you give us cannot be extracted by others.

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