Mojo㢮 Mini Flags - Canada And Snow Goose

Mojo㢮 Mini Flags - Canada And Snow Goose


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Mojo㢮 Mini Flags - Canada And Snow Goose


The typical large flags which are hand operated goose flags are effective in attracting birds from long distances, but for obvious reasons must be discontinued as the birds’ approach, effectively killing the motion. Whereas, the automated Mini Flags tend to finish the birds and cause them to land in close proximity.

Furnished in a 4-pack with each having different on/off timing to simulate real life-like movement. Comes with 4 dark and 4 white flags. Operates over 12 hours on 4 AA batteries.

Product Specifications:

Base Height: 4.75"
Height w/ flag attached: 15"
Flag: 10.5"
Length: 7"
Width: 5"
Wing Span: 9.5"
Circumference of base: 19" (diameter of 6")

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