Torque Ati
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Torque Ati

Power Calls

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Torque Ati

Power Calls

This is not your daddy's Louisiana Style double reed call as this double reed mallard duck call truly lives up to its name.  Built from the ground up with the idea of maximum Torque in mind, this call truly performs in those situations where you need power and rasp.   The key to this call is the unique front fulcrum point on the wedge which gives the reed a raised sharp angle to flex off of.   By having this raised fulcrum point, this allows the rest of the wedge block to be lifted off of the reed material and thus allowing more vibration and power.  Featuring two traditional cut mylar reeds, its ease of use for beginners is unparalleled, yet it has all the range that even the most seasoned caller could ask for.

Product DNA
  • Structure: Machined CNC Acrylic Body
  • Coloration: Stealth Black
  • Core Guts: Titanium Torque Toneboard
  • Reed: Engineered Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mylar Double Reed
  • Packaging: Watertight Hard Protective Case
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